Charette Designs


After 25+ years of setting the stage for drama, comedy, period and other screen genres, Cynthia wanted to bring her artistry to life in a more tangible way—giving people the opportunity to live, work and play in the space of their dreams.

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Cynthia was already a leading production designer in the entertainment industry when she formed CHARETTE DESIGNS.

Her work in film allowed her to conceive worlds of the past, present and future, spanning from the fantastical to the historical, from the outlandish to the conventional.


Cynthia’s clients range from top executives and directors in the entertainment industry to residential and commercial business owners. She has designed homes from the “construction inception” to completion throughout Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades, Palm Springs and Palm Desert.

Her unique aesthetic approach is characterized by innovative thinking and unexpected solutions to create joyful environments. With her extensive knowledge of budgets, scheduling, and visionary design, she can fulfill the desires of any client. Her work has been featured in House Beautiful and California Homes, and has been reviewed in the New York Times.

Cynthia received her design degree from Syracuse University and studied in London, England, before landing in New York City to work in the fashion industry. She eventually moved to Los Angeles, where she established a successful career as a sought after production designer for a wide range of feature films and television projects.

Cynthia graduated from The International Association of Color Consultants where she trained in the functional application of color and the human response. With over twenty five years of experience and her ability to hone and refine thousands of color combinations, she is able to apply this knowledge with the confidence of a master alchemist and the practical experience of a seasoned production designer.


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